iConverge is an app that can run on a phone, tablet, or computer that helps sufferers of convergence insufficiency and other causes of double vision get treated much faster. It incorporates fun and interactive games and exercises, making it engaging for both kids and adults.

The app requires 3D anaglyph glasses – so grab one and verify that you can see the 3D leaf behind this text!

Open the app



Tranaglyph: This is a replica of a popular traditional eye exercise to improve convergence. When you put on the anaglyph glasses, you should see a sailboat floating in the air. Pressing either the “+” or “-“ buttons will separate the images more, revealing two different sailboats, and you will have to bring them together by moving your eyes more together or more apart. It is best to try to converge on one frame fully before increasing the disparity.

Snake: The snake game involves dragging the middle circle in the directional pads (purple) to control the path of the snake toward the food so it can grow. (Alternatively, arrow keys can be used.) If the snake collides with itself, the game is over. This game works on helping coordinate your eyes on the plane of the screen, as if they are divergent it is difficult to focus on getting the snake to the food.

Drag Shape: To succeed at this game, you must drag the filled-in shape to its outline. This requires coordination of the eyes as they must focus on the plane of the screen. If your eyes are divergent, it will be difficult to bring the images together, and you will need to move to a more regular location to succeed at dragging the shape.


There is a calibration function activated by pressing the blue “settings” button in the lower right. We noticed that different combinations of glasses and screens leads to slightly distinct colors, so we made this feature so the colors produced by the app match perfectly with the colors of the anaglyph glasses.

Let’s go!